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Whose side is your email on, anyway? When it crashes, drags, or overflows with spam, it can make you wonder.

Or maybe it’s just trying to tell you something. While you’re busy running your business, you might find it’s easy to forget about your email needs—until it’s too late. But rather than wait for a major problem to drag your business to a halt, perhaps it’s time to invest in the security and support of a full-service email management plan.

At EIC, full service means more than hosting and support—it means designing a working email infrastructure that’s custom-tailored to your business and engineered for speed, reliability, and security. And it’s integrated marketing strategy, so your managed email solution works with your full arsenal of communication and technology resources.


When your laptop crashes or your external hard drive finally fails, you don’t need “I told you so.” You need your data back. Unfortunately, most agencies give little more than condolences.

At EIC, our development and hosting solutions are designed to provide multiple layers of security, and multiple backup plans. So when your hardware fries, or when you simply goof up, we can do more to help you get it back.

We’ll make sure you backup what you need, and help you get it back when you don’t.

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