Need a site that does more? Sell safely and directly online with custom e-commerce site by EIC.


Want an e-commerce site that’s yours and yours alone? Rather than rely on templates or packages, we build all of our e-commerce sites from scratch. What is standard, though, is security, functionality, and compliance. So your custom e-commerce site works and keeps working.


In a world of constant distraction and endless visual stimulation, the time it takes to grab a phone and dial a number can be deadly to sales. With VoiceSales® your customers never have to look away from the computer to get connected to an operator at your company. They simply enter their phone number into a pop-up on their site, and in just a few seconds, they’ll receive a call.


Are you taking credit cards illegally?

The answer might surprise you. If you’re accepting credit card payments online and haven’t checked whether your data security meets PCI and PA-DSS compliance standards, you may be subject to serious fines.

Fortunately, all of our e-commerce software is guaranteed to be 100% PCI and PA-DSS compliant. Not only does that protect you from federal fines—it gives your customers peace of mind, knowing their private information is safe.


Your product rules. Your site stuns. You’re blogging. You’re social. But how far do your users need to go to actually buy something?

When you do it right, not far at all. And we can help you do it right. Here’s the part where we pull everything together and put all of your resources to work toward a common goal: selling. An integrated storefront ties your whole marketing strategy into a selling machine. One-click buying from your main site, blog, social media pages, and more make it easy for buyers to say “yes.”



Are you paying an unappetizing rate for online ordering? Get your food to local plates for a fraction of what you’re paying now. Easy online ordering. No computer necessary.

Custom Gift Cards

Where compliance meets compassion. Marketing for a medical practice is unlike any other product or service. That’s why we have a team dedicated to medical practice web design and digital advertising. View our full medical portfolio at

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