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There sure is a lot of talk of traffic bouncing around out there. But what’s traffic worth? Your business can’t survive on clicks alone. You already know this—you need users to do something once they’ve arrived at your site.

Ideally that means making a purchase, scheduling an appointment, or providing their contact information so you can stay connected. Even getting them to keep clicking through your site can buy you some more time to close the sale.

Point is, you don’t want them to leave your site, right? Not without taking the next step, at least (whatever that may be).

That’s why your site needs to create a user experience that’s appealing, engaging, and satisfying. And it means your site needs to work—all of the time.


You've seen this before—you search for a term, get a description on your results page that’s spot-on, but once you click, it’s another story: the site takes forever to load, the layout makes no sense, and the graphics look like relics from the Clinton administration.

And what do you do next? You get the heck out of there, probably. Even if that site did have what you were looking for, it was too disorganized, difficult to use, and plain old ugly to keep your attention.

Your customers are just as picky (maybe pickier). So it’s up to you to decide whether your site says “read me” or “run away.” Or, you can let us decide.


Your customers probably don’t care what sorts of fancy gadgets or digital wizardry make your site work. They only care that it works. You may feel the same way, in fact.

But at EIC, it’s our job to care about both. And our passion. We love gadgets and digital magic. But most of all, we love using them to make smooth-sailing sites that customers can love.

Because when they love your site, they’ll love you, too. And you’ll love how they show it.


Seeing is still believing.

Of course great web design helps, but often people still trust photographic images above all else. It’s why capturing your business’ best side still matters.

At EIC, our in-house photo and video team is made up of established and accomplished photographers, video artists, retouchers, and editors. And because they’re part of the EIC team, your shoot is part of your integrated marketing strategy. It means your photos and video are guaranteed to fit the look and feel of your site, exactly.

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