Take the best parts of the last 100 years of advertising, pair them with today’s most advanced digital technology, and toss in a fistful of new-media savvy—that’s what EIC’s integrated approach is all about.

Our approach centers on utilizing every available medium to communicate directly with your customers, both existing and potential. That includes traditional print ads, fancy digital campaigns, social media ties—heck, even street-level, face-to-face communications—all aimed at connecting you with larger markets and better buyers.

When you develop an integrated marketing strategy side-by-side with EIC, you ensure strong and steady messages, ideas, and visual clues throughout your campaign. It’s how sturdy brands are built, and it’s what we do best.


It builds your brand. EIC’s integrated strategy is built around consistency—online, offline, and on the ground. It’s the way strong brands are built. But it takes more than simple repetition; it requires a strong message, strategically woven into every communication. And that’s exactly what we do.

It drives traffic to your site (and to your door). If a million-dollar website goes live, and no one is around to see it, does it make a sound? Yes—and it sounds quite like cash in a swirling toilet. EIC’s integrated approach is about utilizing all means of communication to drive users to your site first.

It earns trust that earns bucks. Today’s consumers can’t be fooled. You’ve got to earn their trust if you expect to make the sale. A well-integrated marketing campaign does just that—then proves it by providing a secure and satisfying buying experience.

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