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The Internet has no shortage of companies advertising quick-fix, magic-pill solutions that promise to instantly flood your site with more traffic than you could ever imagine. If only it were that easy…

The problem with these quick and easy solutions is simple enough: they don’t work. In fact, they often involve techniques that can actually hurt your site’s rankings—or worse, get your site banned from search engine indexes altogether, making you virtually invisible to billions of potential users and customers.

At EIC, there’s nothing “easy” about our process (though we do work rather quickly). We developed a multifaceted site-construction strategy around one central objective—to drive as much traffic as possible to our clients’ websites. It means all parts of our process—from our hosting technology, to our site framework, to our custom site content—work together to grab better-targeted, higher-volume traffic for your site.


You’ve got an excellent product. You’ve got a beautiful website. So why aren’t you getting more clicks, and why aren’t you selling more online?

Maybe you’ve tried a few SEO (search engine optimization) “tricks” that you picked up from a promising blog, e-book or message board. But what you’re probably missing is a full-on optimization strategy.

We can’t blame you—a top-down SEO makeover can look upfront like an intimidating and costly task. And without the right research and strategy beforehand, things can take a wrong turn quickly.

Our optimization strategy starts with an in-depth analysis of your website, so our search engine specialists can locate key areas for improvement. Then we conduct search-trend research specific to your site, to ensure that we’re targeting the right traffic the right way.

Pair that research with our outstanding hosting and security technology, and you’ve got a site engineered head-to-toe to grab more traffic than you thought possible.


Why pay for search results? If you’ve managed your own PPC (pay-per-click) campaign, your answer may be “who knows?”

But the truth is that paid search campaigns can deliver rather tasty results—when done correctly. They can generate traffic on their own, and work alongside your organic search results to “double-check” your company’s legitimacy in the eyes of the consumer. That means you not only get more traffic to your site, but you get more confident buyers, too.

The key is to do your homework, develop a strong strategy, and integrate bold and clever messages. This is what we do.


The stuff that hits our inboxes these days… Spam. Junk mail. Viruses, spyware, malware, lions, tigers, bears, etc. It’s a wonder anyone even opens their email anymore. But they do; a few billion times a day, in fact.

It takes care to cut through the junk. And we’re here to help you figure out how to do that--to find the right audience, the right offer, and the right wording to pull your user out of the inbox and onto your site. We’ve spent years figuring out ways to get your message read, and keep developing new means of making sure it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

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