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Whether you’re baking bread or bandaging broken arms, you can bet that a million other people are doing it, too. Of course, no one does it quite the way that you do, but how do your potential clients know that your pumpernickel pops or your casts outlast?

They know it by your brand—the unique identity expressed throughout your company’s communications, whether online, in print, or in public. But creating a solid, relatable brand identity takes more than just drawing up a logo and throwing a few slogans around. It requires a framework that runs all the way from design to usability to language and content.

Through careful planning and strategically integrated messages, our branding approach builds names that can stand on their own. Our branding plan is not about appearances or illusions. It’s about finding your company’s unique inner identity, and drawing it out for everyone to see.


Isn’t it time social media did something more than distract your staff?

When used well, social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter can build brand awareness, encourage more open feedback from customers, and send more traffic to your site (and your storefront).

For small and mid-sized companies, there’s no form of communication with the same price-to-reach ratio as social media. But in an overcrowded marketplace, it’s important to know how to reach the right consumer groups, and how to get them talking about you.

Our managed social media campaign puts our designated promotional team in charge of your online image. We’ll manage your accounts on outlets like Facebook® and Twitter®, optimize the output and connectibility of your company blog, and build a brand voice that consumers can trust.

And it’s all available as a standard feature of our Gold and Platinum web design packages. That means you don’t just get web design—you get brand engineering.


“Big-screen” is so last century. Now it’s about being portable, connectible, and accessible 24/7. In a word—small.

Of course your site still has to look good on a standard-sized screen, but it’s more and more important that it also translate to palm and pocket-sized devices that can connect at any time, from anywhere.

Recent studies show that a working mobile application can translate directly into online sales, consumer loyalty, and recommendations to other consumers. It’s a wave that big-name retailers are already riding, and we can help you hop on.


While long Flash intros and site-slowing animation are going to the way of the dinosaur, a bit of well-placed visual charm can help your site make the jump from “interesting” to “fascinating.”

We’ve put particular time into finding ways to spice things up with animation and fancy graphics, without losing functionality or searchability, or slowing things to a maddening halt.

Because EIC is a full-service, fully integrated digital agency, we have a unique perspective in understanding the role of our creative flourishes throughout your entire campaign. It means we can perfectly balance surface appeal with the stuff under the hood. And for you, that equals a site that looks like an angel and runs like a dream.


Don’t be a casualty of the browser wars.

As more and more companies toss their hat into the browser ring, millions of sites are left in the dust simply because they overcommitted to the capabilities of one browser. Far too many developers have learned the hard way that “gorgeous” on one browser may be garbage on another.

That’s why our developers build with multiple versions of the major browsers in mind—including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. And each and every site we design and develop goes through rigorous cross-browser testing before it hits the web.

That means we spot problems before your users do. (Then we fix them.)

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