Case Study: Kenan Thompson

When Kenan joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2003, it was clear he had completed the jump from child actor to full-grown comic extraordinaire. Unfortunately, his web presence was still stuck in the Nickelodeon era.

So when he asked us to revamp his online image, we set out to create a site that introduced fans to the “grown-up” Kenan while still showing off the comic timing and range he demonstrated as a promising young actor.

Since many of us were fans from his Mighty Ducks days, and had followed his career through his current tenure on SNL, assembling his catalog of work was joyfully nostalgic. It was also quite surprising for those of us less-familiar with his later work, which included a prominent role in the hit film Barbershop 2, and a leading role in the first-ever live-action Fat Albert movie, released in 2004.

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