Using a 3D digital sign

3D displays, also known as autostereoscopic 3D displays, are a solution for business looking for that little something extra in their advertising. Digital display services are ideal for 3D advertising because you have a lot of freedom in terms of what you're putting up. 3D displays pop and catch a customer's eye quickly, drawing them to your business. However, there are a few issues when it comes to converting a 2D digital screen to 3D displays. First, not all the same information is used for things like formatting the images. They may end up stretched to fill the picture, which messes up the image. Another issue is the fact that many people aren't viewing a 3D digital sign in a stationary position. They're driving or walking by a store, looking at the sign as they go. That warped image doesn't create the look you want.

Luckily, a digital signage company has the answer. Selling the top 3D digital sign equipment and technology makes these companies the experts in the industry. Their technicians take great care to ensure you are getting the right materials for your task. Being able to make these 3D displays look good is what makes a digital signage company an ideal resource.

A digital sign display is perfect for business looking to do something different with advertising or panels. 3D displays aren't without their difficulties, but they catch a consumers eye over an average billboard and allow for customization. It's easy to change the message or images on a 3D digital sign to meet your needs at the time. Are there train departure times changing? Not a problem. Are you offering different specials than another day? That's simple to change. Digital display services are simple enough to manage yourself, no matter what equipment you're using.

Digital sign display supplies

A digital sign display enables a connection between the consumer and the product or service. The screen requires a display matrix module and a display matrix controller. The LED display matrix module operates using 8x8 pixels, 16x16 pixels, so on and so forth. The pixels come together to form the images or content displayed on the 3D digital sign. The controller is how the image is managed. A digital signage company will set you up with the supplies you need for optimal display.